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Kobrin Birth Records

Births were registered in Kobrin for the city of Kobrin itself and nearby villages such as Horodetz and Antopol. The following birth records are from 1840-1844. Additional birth records for 1845-1847 are being acquired and will be available in a few months.

Date of Birth Hebrew DOB Surname Child Father Paternal Grandfather Mother Family
1843-01-01 29 Tevet 5603 PALEVSKII Moshko Iosel David Leib Gitlia
1843-02-08 8 Adar I 5603 PALEVSKII Abram David Elia Gersh Abram Mihlia
1843-09-11 16 Elul 5603 PALEVSKII Iosel Elia Zalman Iosel Itka
1844-10-11 28 Tishrei 5605 PALEVSKII Abram Elia Zalman Iosel Itka
1843-10-01 7 Tishrei 5604 PALEVSKII Haim David Mihel Sholom Abram Raina
1842-01-07 25 Tevet 5602 PALEVSKAIA Beilia Mordko Gershko Golda
1841-06-22 3 Tamuz 5601 PALEVSKAIA Hana Yankel Zelik Sroim Sora Malka
1844-07-22 6 Av 5604 PALEVSKII Geshel Yankel Zelik Srol Sara Shemka
1841-11-17 4 Kislev 5602 PALEVSKII Gersh Ber Yudel Yudel Abram Sora Gitlia
1844-04-07 18 Nisan 5604 PALEVSKII Yehuda Yudel Abram Sora Gita
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