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Grodno Gubernia 1906 Voters List

Elections for the Russian parliament (Duma) were held (or supposed to be held) in 1906, 1907, and 1912. These are the years in which voter lists were published. There were several factors that qualified the Jew, who was considered a non-Russian, and other non-Russians to vote. These reasons related to economic status and similar class distinctions. Only men over age 25 were permitted to vote, so the lists only include men.

This list of Palevsky men who voted in 1906 was excerpted from the Grodno Gubernia 1906 Voters List.

Surname Voter Father District ID # Family
PALEVSKI Shaya Abram Kobrin KOBp0171
PALEVSKI Shmuilo Itzko Berko Kobrin KOBp0023
PALEVSKI Abram Gershko Kobrin KOBp0189
PALEVSKI Faivel Gershon Kobrin KOBp0044 Gershon2
PALEVSKI Lipa Gershon Kobrin KOBp0004
PALEVSKI Aron Mendel Leib Kobrin KOBp0118
PALEVSKI Gershon Pinchel Kobrin KOBp0046
PALEVSKI Abram Sender Kobrin KOBp0001
PALEVSKI Shlyuma Itzko Shmuil Kobrin KOBp0049
PALEVSKI Elya Yankel Zelig Kobrin KOBp0081
PALEVSKI Aizik-Meyer Yosel Kobrin KOBp0027
PALEVSKI Abram Yosel-Yudel Kobrin KOBp0193
PALEVSKI Yedidiya Yudel Kobrin KOBp0019 Yehudah
PALEVSKI Yosel Yudel Kobrin KOBp0021 Yehudah
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