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U.S. Census Records

United States federal and state census records are a fabulous resource for information about any family. Below is a list of records found in the federal census indexes on, plus any state census records that have been found in the course of our research (NY state census are not indexed by name, so this is far from a complete list). We've added a Tree column at the right to indicate which family tree on this website each of these people/families belongs to. If you know about any of the families that are not identified as being in one of our trees, please let us know!

Year Location Name Role Birth Imm Spouse Children Boarders Tree
1910 Manhattan, NY Abraham Palevsky Head 1870 Gussie William, Isidore, Gussie, Sarah Harry & Max Palefsky Yitzhak Dov
1910 East 37th Street
Cleveland, OH
Alex Palefsky Boarder 1889 n/a n/a (c/o ) ?
1910 2349 S?? Ave
Cleveland, OH
Bella Palefsky Head 1860 Isaac (ns) Sarah, Bennie, Sam n/a Sashen
1910 Ludlow Street
Manhattan, NY
Ida Ohremland Wife 1884 1906 Israel Philip, Benj, Fannie Celia, Jake (siblings) ?
1910 Ludlow Street
Manhattan, NY
Jake Palefsky BIL 1885 1909 (ns) ? (c/o Ohremland) ?
1910 Ludlow Street
Manhattan, NY
Celia Palefsky SIL 1892 1906 n/a n/a (c/o Ohremland) ?
1910 109 Madison
Manhattan, NY
Harry Palefsky Cousin 1890 1906 n/a n/a (c/o Goldstein) ?
1910 2338 E. 38th St
Cleveland, OH
Issie Palefsky Boarder 1852 1892 Na (ns) (ns) (c/o Berman) ?
1910 Oak Street
Lackawanna, PA
Tony Palefsky Boarder 1885 1904 n/a n/a (c/o Labo...) ?
1910 2549 E. 25th St.
Cleveland, OH
Sam Palevski Head 1887 1906 Celia Albert n/a ?
1910 Morton St
Newark, NJ
Aaron Palevsky Head 1872 1892 Na Sarah Mary, Nathan, Rose, Surrie n/a ?
1910 3717 Woodland
Cleveland, OH
Archie Palefsky Head 1880 1894/9 Pa Lilly Mildred, Darwin n/a Beryl
1910 25 Market
Manhattan, NY
Max Palevsky Nephew 1889 1902 Al n/a n/a (c/o Pollack) Yaakov Tzvi
1910 2775 E. 51st
Cleveland, OH
Myer Palevsky Head 1864 1900 Pa Bessie Max N, Frieda, Frances, Anna n/a Shmuel Lazar
1910 Buffalo Ave
Chicago, IL
George Palewsky Boarder 1880 1909 Al (ns) (ns) (c/o Bakowski) ?
1910 Brooklyn, NY Philip Palewsky Head 1882 1904 Pa Nellie Louis (ward) Sarah Yesanofsky (MIL) Menachem David
1920 242 Oglethorpe
Savannah, GA
Harry Palefsky Head 1889 1909 Pa Lillie Emanuel, Sadie, Julius n/a ?
1920 1035 14th St
Chicago, IL
Sam Palefsky Head 1885 1909 Pa Ida Mollie, Bennie n/a ?
1920 168 Howard St
Lowell, MA
Bella Palefsky Head 1866 1914 Al. (ns) Morris (Frances), Sarah n/a ?
1920 1364 40th St
Brooklyn, NY
Max Palefsky Head 1891 1909 Al. Dora Adela n/a Abraham & Esther
1920 155 S. 4th St
Brooklyn, NY
Joseph Palefsky Head 1896 1902 Na? Annie? Mildred n/a
1920 1747 Sterling
Brooklyn, NY
Harry Palefsky Lodger 1871 1909 Na n/a n/a (c/o Goldberg) ?
1920 1489 Eastern Pkway
Brooklyn, NY
Sarah Palefsky Widow 1870 1892 Al (ns) Isadore n/a
1920 3342 Augusta
Chicago, IL
Isadore Palevsky Head 1891 1912 Pa Sarah Harry Dave (brother)

(work in progress - more data to come!)

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