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Yaakov & Yetta

Compiled from census, immigration, vital and other public records

Descendant tree for Yaakov & Yetta:

  • Yaakov Palewsky m. Yetta Slonimsky
  • Mollie Palewsky (~1895-1972) m. Joseph Siegel (~1892-1957) - ~1915
  • Morris Siegel (~1916-)
  • Leon Louis Siegel (1918-2009) m. Living Stein
  • Living (f) Siegel m. Living (m) Jacobs
  • Beatrice Siegel (~1924-)
  • Max Palewsky (~1900-1982) m. Sara Chazen (~1906-19xx) - 12-Feb-1927
  • Dr. Melvin B. Paley (1927-2002) m. Muriel Ann Mostkowitz (1933-1998) - 11-Jul-1954
  • Living Paley (1957-)
  • Living Paley (1932-) m. Living (1937-)
  • female Palewsky died in the Holocaust
  • male Palewsky died in the Holocaust

More about Yaakov & Yetta's family:

Mollie Palewsky was born to Yaakov & Yetta around 1895 in Russia. She immigrated to New York around 1910 and married Joseph Siegel around 1915. They had 3 children: Morris, Louis and Beatrice.

Mordka (Max) Palewsky was born to Yaakov & Yetta around 1899-1900 in Russia. He departed Danzig, Germany on the S.S. Susquehanna in late January 1921 and arrived in Boston on February 7, 1921. His destination was his brother-in-law Joseph Siegel at 321 Hopkinson Avenue, Brooklyn, NY. Max married Sarah Chazen on February 12, 1927 and they had two sons. Max died in November 1982 and is buried at Montefiore Cemetery in New York.

Mollie and Max had at least another brother and sister who remained in Russia and are presumed to have been killed in the Holocaust. Max attempted to obtain information about his family from the Red Cross after the war, but they were unable to provide any information.

Records for Yaakov & Yetta's family:

1921-Feb-07 (Page 1, Page 2): Mordka Palewski - Going to brother-in-law Joseph Siegel, 321 Hopkinson Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
1920: Joseph, Mollie, Morris & Louis Siegel - 321 Hopkinson Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
1920: Joseph, Mollie, Moses, Leo & Beatrice Siegel - 1758-64 Sterling Place, Brooklyn, NY
1930: Max, Sara & Melvin Palewsky - 1169 East New York Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
Newspaper Clippings:
1954-Jul-12, New York Times, pg. 17:

Records still needed:

Mollie's immigration record
Mollie's 1910 census record (if she immigrated prior to April 1910)
Mollie's marriage record
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