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Yitzhak Osher

Compiled from immigration, vital, census and other public records

Descendant tree for Yitzhak Osher:

  • Yitzhak Osher (~18xx-19xx) m. Leah
  • Wolf (William) Palevsky (~1886-1964) m. Chaje (Ida) (~1886-?) - Abt. 1920
  • Living (Yitzhak Osher) Paley 1921-
  • Living (Avrumel) Paley 1925-
  • Chaine Palevsky died in the Holocaust
  • Unknown (female) Palevsky died in the Holocaust

More about Yitzhak Osher's family:

Wolf Palevsky was born approximately 1886 to Yitzhak Osher & Leah Palevsky. Wolf and wife Chaje immigrated from Antopol in 1921. Sister Chaine Palevsky remained in Antopol. They were going to Chaje's sister and brother-in-law Morris Turner in Mt. Vernon, NY. Wolf was a shoemaker and was found listed in the 1928/29 Chicago city directory at 2218 Potomac Avenue. Wolf & Chaje had two sons, one born in NJ in 1921 and the other born in Chicago in 1925.

Wolf had two sisters who were killed in the Holocaust. One name is known from Wolf's immigration record, but the other name is currently not known.

Records we have:


1921-Mar-12 (Page 1, Page 2, Detained): Wolf & Chaja Palefsky


1930: William & Ida Palevsky with sons

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