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Yaakov & Miriam

Descendant tree for Yaakov & Miriam:

  • Yaakov Palevski m. Miriam Motinkes
  • Moshe Noah Palevski-Itzhaki (~DATE) m. Geile Roize (Shoshana) (~1904-1980) - DATE
  • Living Palevski-Itzhaki
  • Gitle Palevski m. Mr. Bergstein
  • Jacob Bergstein
  • Shmulke Palevski-Goldman

More about Yaakov & Miriam's family:

Yaakov Palevski was directly related to Rabbi Moshe Aaron Poliyer of Kobrin. Yaakov and his wife Miriam had 3 children: Moshe Noah, Gitle and Shmulke. Moshe Noah married Shoshana, they had a son in 1924 and made aliya in 1932. Upon making aliya, Moshe Noah changed the family name to Itzhaki. Moshe Noah died in ___ and Miriam died in 1980. Both are buried in Holon, Israel.

Futher details will be provided by the family soon.

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