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Yehudah Leib

Compiled from immigration, census, vital and other public records

Descendant tree for Yehudah Leib:

  • Yehudah Leib Palefsky (~DATE) m. Etta Pomeranz (~DATE) - DATE
  • Chaje Taube (Ida) Palefsky (~1846-1917) m. David Goldstein (~1845-1911)
  • Unknown Goldstein
  • Jossel (Joseph) Goldstein (~1892-19xx)
  • Sam Goldstein (~1892-19xx)
  • Annie Goldstein (~1870-1924) m. Abraham Koch (~1871-19??) - ~1891
  • Elizabeth/Bettie Koch (~1892-19??)
  • Itka (Yetta) Goldstein (~1870-19xx) m. Julius Nadrich - 19-Dec-1905
  • Bessie/Betsy Nadrich (~1907-)
  • Harry Nadrich (1909-1990)
  • Jack Nadrich (1911-1992)
  • Dorothy Nadrich (1916-) m. Morris Schwartzberg - 29-Jul-1934
  • Harold/Harry/Henry (Aaron) Goldstein (~1882-1954) m. Sarah Wolinsky (~1886-19xx) - 23-Feb-1907
  • Herman Goldstein (~1908-19xx)
  • Phillip Goldstein (~1910-19xx)
  • Rose Leah Goldstein (1912-1993) m. Martin M. Calodney (1910-2004)
  • Living (m) Calodney m. Living Blake
  • Living (f) Calodney
  • David Goldstein (~1918-19xx)
  • Scheine (Jennie) Goldstein (~1883-19xx)
  • Mordche (Michael/Morris) Goldstein (~1890-19xx)

More about Yehudah Leib's family:

Chaje Taube Palefsky was born approximately 1846 to Yehudah Leib Palefsky and Etta Pomeranz. She married David Goldstein around 1864 in Russia, possibly in Antopol.

David arrived in New York aboard the S.S. Phoenicia on May 25, 1896. Daughters Itke and Scheine arrived aboard the S.S. Westernland on November 16, 1899. Son Aron arrived aboard the S.S. City of Rome on May 28, 1900 and was going to his brother-in-law Abraham Koch at 69 Rivington Street in Manhattan. Chaje arrived with sons Mordche and Jossel aboard the S.S. Statendam on November 26, 1900 and were going to David at 69 Rivington Street as well.

Abraham Koch and Annie Goldstein married approximately 1891 in New York. They had one child, Bettie or Elizabeth, who was born around 1893. In June 1900, when the U.S. census was taken, they were living at 69 Rivington Street, along with boarder Max Unofsky, nephew Samuel Koch, sister-in-laws Yetta & Jennie Goldstein and brother-in-law Aaron Goldstein. In April 1910, they were still living at 69 Rivington Street. In January 1920, they were living at 61/3 East 1st Street. Annie died on January 10, 1924 and Abraham re-married on December 13, 1924.

According to David & Ida's 1910 U.S. census record, they had 10 children with 8 still living. We currently know about 6 of the 8 children and are seeking information about the remaining children.

Records we have:

1896-May-25: David Goldstein
1899-Nov-16: Itke & Scheine Goldstein
1900-May-28: Aron Goldstein
1900-Nov-26: Chaje Taube, Mordche, Jossel Goldstein
1900: Abraham, Annie, Bettie & Samuel Koch; Yetta, Jennie, Aaron Goldstein - 69 Rivington Street, Manhattan
1905: David, Ida, Yettie, Harry, Jennie & Michael Goldstein; grandson Joe Goldstein; grandson Sam Goldstein
1905: Abraham, Annie & Bessie Koch - 69 Rivington Street, Manhattan
1910: Abraham, Annie, Elizabeth Koch - 69 Rivington Street, Manhattan
1910: David & Mary (Ida) Goldstein, son Morris, grandsons Joseph & Samuel; cousin Harry Palefsky - 109 Madison Street, Manhattan
1910: Harry, Sarah & Herman Goldstein; sister-in-law Hilda Wolinsky - 143 Madison Street, Manhattan
1915: Abraham & Anna Koch - 61 East 1st Street, Manhattan
1920: Abraham & Annie Koch; Henry, Sarah, Herman, Phillip, Rose & David Goldstein; nephew Sam Goldstein - 61/3 East 1st Street
1930: Abraham & Ida Koch (2nd wife)
1930: Harry, Sarah, Herman, Philip, Rose & David Goldstein; nephew Samuel Goldstein - 172 Bay 31st Street, Brooklyn
1917-Jun-05: Samuel Goldstein, WWI Draft Registration - 61 1st Street, Manhattan
1918-Sep-12: Harry Goldstein, WWI Draft Registration - 61 E. 1st Street, Manhattan
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