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Yitzhak Isaac

Compiled from census, immigration, vital and other public records

Descendant tree for Yitzhak Isaac:

  • Yitzhak Isaac Pelefsky
  • Pincus Chaim (Philip) Pelefsky (~1868-1958) m. Malke Rachel (Mollie) Siskind (~1868-1950) - Abt. 1889
  • Chaje R. (Ida) Pelefsky (~1894-19xx) m. Louis Kaplan (~1891-19xx)
  • Edward Kaplan (~1915-19xx)
  • Mae Kaplan (~1916-19xx)
  • Irving Kaplan (~1923-19xx)
  • Sarah Pelefsky (~1896-1979) m. Morris Siskind (~1896-1969) - 6-Jun-1920
  • Beatrice Siskind (~1922-xxxx)
  • Bernice Siskind (~1927-xxxx)
  • Breine (Rose) Pelefsky (~1898-19xx)
  • Schepsel (Samuel) Pelefsky (1899-1972) m. Tessie (Tzipa) Buchburg (1903-1974) - 8-Jan-1922
  • Murray Poloff (1924-1993) m. Marilyn (1926-1996)
  • Florence Poloff (~1927-)
  • Abraham Pelefsky (~1902-19xx) m. Fannie (~1906-19xx)

More about Yitzhak Isaac's family:

Pincus Chaim Pelefsky was born around 1868 to Yitzhak Isaac Pelefsky in Antopol. He married Malke Rachel, daughter of Aryah Dov, around 1889 in Antopol. They had 5 children that we're currently aware of: Chaje, Sarah, Brine, Schepsel and Abram.

Pincus (Philip) immigrated to New York around 1901. Malke (Mollie) and the 5 children boarded the S.S. Kroonland on September 1, 1906 in Antwerp and arrived in New York on September 11, 1906. They were going to their husband/father Pinches Pelewski at 27 Bayard Street in NYC. Malke and the children were detained at Ellis Island until 1:15pm, while waiting for Pincus to pick them up. The Record of Detained Aliens page says that Pincus was living at 313 Madison Street, New York.

Philip, Mollie and all 5 children were living at 65 Forsyth Street in April 1910. By January 1920, the entire family was living at 103 Madison Street, though Ida was living in another apartment with her husband Louis Kaplan and two children. By April 1930, Philip & Mollie were living at 100 Monroe Street, with all the children out on their own -- Abraham was living with his wife Fannie in Brooklyn; Ida and Louis were living in Brooklyn with three children. Samuel, Sarah and Rose's 1930 census records have not been located yet.

Philip died on April 18, 1958 at age 90 and is buried at Beth David Cemetery in NY. Mollie died on November 5, 1950 at age 82. There's also an obituary in the New York Times for a Louis Rothman who died on July 26, 1962 and was a member of the Philip Pelefsky Cousins Club.

Samuel & Tessie are buried in United Hebrew Cemetery in Staten Island, NY.

Records for Yitzhak Isaac's family:

1906-Sep-11 (Page 1, Detained): Malke, Chaje R., Sara, Breine, Schepsel, Abram Pelewski
1910: Phillip, Mollie, Ida, Sarah, Rose, Sam & Abe Pelefsky - 65 Forsyth Street
1920: Philip, Molly, Sarah, Rose, Samuel & Abraham Pelafsky; Louis, Ida, Edward & Mae Kaplan - 103 Madison Street
1930: Philph & Mollie Palfsky - 100 Monroe Street
1930: Louis, Ida, Edward, May & Irving Kaplan - 124 Nassau Avenue, Brooklyn
1930: Abraham & Fannie Pelefsky - Address unknown
1930: Morris, Sarah, Beatrice & Bernice Siskind - 1693 Nelson Avenue, Bronx
1930: Samuel, Tessie, Murray & Florence Poloff - 100 Pulaski Street, Brooklyn
WWI Draft Registration:
1918-Sep-12: Samuel Pelefsky, 103 Madison Street

Records/info still needed:

  • Philip's ship manifest
  • Philip's death certificate
  • Mollie's death certificate
  • Philip's mother's name
  • 1905/15/25 NYC census records

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