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Yetta Chaya

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Descendant tree for Yetta Chaya:

  • Unknown Palefsky (~18xx-1xxx)
  • Yetta Chaya Palefsky (~1884-1971) m. Herschel Golubczyk (aka Harry Goldberg) (~1884-1944)
  • Mejta Golubczyk (Mary Goldberg) (1923-19xx)
  • Ajzuk Golubczyk (Isaac Goldberg) (1913-2003) m. Sara Buchwald (1912-2006)
  • Living Goldberg (1949-)
  • Living Goldberg (1951-)
  • Living Goldberg (1922-) m. Living Dubin
  • Living Goldberg (1950-)
  • Living Goldberg (1923-) m. Mr. Proctor
  • Living Proctor (1952-)
  • Living Proctor (1954-)
  • J. Palewski

More about Yetta Chaya's family:

Yetta Chaya Palefsky was born around 1884 in Kobrin. She married Herschel Golubczyk around 1910, and they had two children in Kobrin, Metja and Ajzuk. Herschel immigrated to the U.S. in 1914, destined for an uncle Jankel Aldanowsky and/or cousin John Andrew at 435/437 Springfield Avenue, Newark, NJ. By 1917, Herschel had made his way to El Paso, Texas, and he changed his name to Harry Goldberg between 1917 and 1920. Yetta Chaya immigrated to the U.S. in 1921 with their two children and met up with Harry in El Paso. They subsequently had two more children, Abe and Celia.

Records for Yetta Chaya's family:

1930: Harry, Ida, Mary, Isaac, Abie & Celia Goldberg
1914-Apr-4 (page 1, page 2, detained): Herschel Golupszuk, going to uncle Jankel Aldanowsky or cousin John Andrew, 435 or 437 Springfield Avenue, Newark, NJ
1921-May-1 (page 1, page 2): Jenta, Metja & Ajzuk "Gotubczyk" going to husband/father H. Goldberg in El Paso, TX
1918-Sep-12: Harry Golubtzik, WWI Draft Registration
Vital Records:


Records not yet located:

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