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Yaakov Azriel Zelig

Data extracted from a family tree prepared by Seymour Saltzman,
and supplemented with information from various other family members and U.S. census, immigration, vital and other records

Highlighted names are direct male descendants of the patriarch and are eligible to participate in the DNA Project.

Descendant tree for Yaakov Azriel Zelig:

  • Yaakov Azriel Zelig Palevsky m. Unknown (~1825-xxxx)
  • Simcha Palefsky Saltzman (~1845-1918) m. (1) Rushka Angelovitz , (2) Chaya (Eva)
  • Sarah Saltzman (~1875-1914) m. Chaim Antopolsky (~1870-1942)
  • Rebecca Antopolsky (~1901-1986) m. Paul (Dubrowitz) Dubrow
  • Pearl Antopolsky (~1902-1906)
  • Dora Antopolsky (~1903-) m. Moshe (Kremer) Aharoni
  • Moishe Zelig Antopolsky (~1905-) m. Rachel Stokhamer (~19xx-1983)
  • Noach Antopolsky (~1907-) m. Chana Kogan
  • Israel Saltzman (~1880-1959) m. Bluma Peizer (~1882-1964)
  • Abraham Irwin Saltzman (~1904-1993) m. (1) Minna Kaplan (~1908-1994), (2) Adele Schmookler
  • Rose Saltzman (~1908-) m. Sidney Sklar (~1905-)
  • Sophie Saltzman (~1912-) m. Lawrence Olderman (~1910-1991)
  • Esther Saltzman (~1915-) m. Morris H. Handler (~1913-)
  • Living Saltzman (1923-) m. Bernice Ellen Meyer (1929-2000)
  • Harry Abram Saltzman (~1884-1954) m. Minnie Baidack (~1900-1989)
  • Stanley Morton Saltzman (~1925-) m. Irma Linette (~19xx-1979)
  • Regina Saltzman (~1929-) m. Howard Felper (~1928-)
  • Bertha (Bebel) Saltzman (~xxxx-1964) m. Aaron Gershon
  • Simon Gershon m. Mimi Bernstein
  • Hyman Gershon m. Merle Rappaport
  • Milton Gershon m. Jeanne Loesner
  • Eliyahu Palefski m. Zelda Unknown
  • Sarah Palefski
  • Mary Palefski
  • Avraham Nachman Palefski (~1866-1935) m. Eta Finkelstein - 1898
  • Tzilla Palefski (~1901-19xx) m. Avraham Kaplan
  • Moshe Palefski
  • Yaacov Palefski (~1905-1978) m. Freda Reisberg
  • Rose Palefski (1908-1972) m. Yaacov Tischel (1904-1984)
  • Rivka Palefski m. Chaim Hofshtein
  • Moshe Palefski (~1868-19xx)
  • Esther Palefski (~1878-19xx) m. Frank Siskin (~1870-19xx)
  • Sadie Siskin (~1898-19xx)
  • Louis Siskin (1899-1980)
  • Jay (Jacob) Siskin (~1904-1969) m. Lucy LeVoe (~19xx-19xx)
  • Israel O. Palefski (~1884-1968) m. Gertrude Liebert (~1895-1974)
  • Levi Palevsky m. Feigel Unknown
  • Moishe Palevsky m. Chaya Kantorovich
  • Batsheva Palevsky
  • Sara Malka Palevsky m. (1) David Fefer, (2) Sidney Caplan
  • Golda Palevsky
  • Frada Palevsky m. Peritz Glazer
  • Simon Palevsky m. Ray Unknown
  • Yankel Palevsky
  • Fishel Palevsky
  • Sarah Malka Palevsky
  • Rivka Palevsky
  • Yankel Palevsky
  • Moshe Palefsky Nathanson (~1852-1940) m. (1) Dora (Celia Dvoshe) Malevitzky , (2) Goldie (~1861-1936)
  • Israel Nathanson (~1883-19xx) m. Rebecca Bonavitsky (~1889-19xx)
  • Jacob Nathanson (1909-xxxx) m. May Shapiro
  • David Nathanson (1910-xxxx)
  • Alfred Nathanson m. Minnie Hirsch
  • Nathan Nathanson m. Lil Udovin
  • Sarah Nathanson m. Benjamin Feder (~1885-1949)
  • Rose Feder m. Joseph Lieff
  • Jacob Selig Nathanson m. (1) Fanny Feder (~1895-1920) - 9-Sep-1919, (2) Jennie Bonavitsky (~1900-19xx) - 24-Oct-1922
  • Dorothy Nathanson m. Harry Ralin
  • Millie Nathanson m. Louis Ralin
  • William Nathanson m. Edith
  • Norton Nathanson
  • Joseph Nathanson (~1892-19xx) m. Fanny Rebecca Marcus (~1898-19xx) - 7-Jan-1920
  • Laurence Nathanson m. Lorraine Swersky
  • Daniel Nathanson m. Edith Hirsch
  • Bernard Nathanson m. Helen Goldfarb
  • Doreen Nathanson m. Alfred Gordon
  • Hilroy Nathanson m. Fannie David
  • Norma Nathanson m. Gilbert Fine
  • Esther Nathanson (~1891-19xx) m. Joseph Sadofsky (~1884-19xx) - 19-Oct-1915
  • Harold Sadofsky m. Rita Lang
  • Ralph Sadofsky m. Ginger Danker
  • Dorothy Sadofsky m. Harry Gordon
  • Rita Sadofsky m. Michael Raber
  • Archie (Aaron) Nathanson (~1899-19xx) m. Anne Dubinsky (~1902-19xx) - 8-Jan-1924
  • Herman Nathanson m. Barbara Richstone
  • Sylvia Nathanson m. Saul Goldberg
  • Ruth Nathanson m. Reuben David
  • Reuben Nathanson (~xxxx-1979)
  • Annie Nathanson m. Joseph Kurtin - 25-Mar-1925
  • Bessie Nathanson m. Ted Heller
  • Dorothy Heller m. (1) Murray Kantrowitz, (2) Harold Torello
  • Rita Heller m. Donald Harris
  • Evelyn Heller
  • Reuben Palefsky
  • Unknown Palefsky m. Shlomo Leib Zaltzman
  • Pinchas Zaltzman

More about Yaakov Azriel Zelig's family:

Yaakov Azriel Zelig Palevsky married a granddaughter of Rabbi Moshe Aaron Poliyer, the Kobriner Rebbe. Of his 5 known sons, 3 appear to have kept the surname Palevsky, albeit with different spellings. Two of his sons changed their surnames -- one to Saltzman and the other to Nathanson.

Rose Palefski was born in 1908 and died on October 6, 1972. She is buried at the Holon (Hadarom) cemetery in Israel -- block 8, section 6, line 25, place 20. Her husband, Yaacov Tischel, was born in 1904 and died on May 10, 1984. He is also buried at the Holon (Hadarom) cemetery in Israel -- block 28, section 1, line 31, place 1. (Source: Shir, Granddaughter)

Rivka Palefski is buried at the Pardes Hana cemetery. (Source: Shir, Granddaughter of Rose)

Records for Yaakov Azriel Zelig's family:

1906-Jan-14: Moses "Balewski", S.S. Amerika, Hamburg to New York. Going to brother-in-law Efroim Sisken, 38 Eldridge Street, New York
1911-Sep-6: Aron & Rubin Palewski, Hamburg to Liverpool, from Kobrin to Canada
1911-Sep-22: Aron & Rubin Palewski, Liverpool to Halifax, going to brother in Sydney, Nova Scotia
1921-Sep-22, Page 2: Abram Nachmen Palewski, going to brother-in-law Frank Sisken, Brooklyn, NY
1930-Dec-30, Page 2: Alfred Nathanson, from Canada to Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana, USA
1911: Israel, Rebecca, Jacob & David Nathanson; sister Esther Nathanson - 744 Victoria Road, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
1930: Jack Palefsky; sister Rose Palefsky - 2121 Cropey Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
1910, Page 2: Israel, Blume, Abraham & Rosie Zaltzman; boarder Michael Goldman
1920: Israel, Bella, Abraham, Rosie, Sophie & Esther Saltzman
1930: Israel, Bluma, Sophie, Esther & Seymour Saltzman
1918-Jun-4: Jacob Selig Nathanson, WWI Draft - Canada
1918-Sep-12: Louis Daniel Siskin, WWI Draft Registration
1918-Sep-12: Israel Saltzmen, WWI Draft Registration
1918-Sep-18: Israel O. Palefski, WWI Draft Registration

1942-Apr-27, Page 2: Israel O. Palefski, WWII Draft Registration
1942-Apr-27, Page 2: Israel Saltzman, WWII Draft Registration
Russian Consular Records of Canada:
Page 1: Aaron (Palevski) Nathanson
Page 2: Aaron (Palevski) Nathanson
Page 3: Aaron (Palevski) Nathanson
Page 4: Aaron (Palevski) Nathanson
Page 5: Aaron (Palevski) Nathanson
Page 6: Aaron (Palevski) Nathanson
Page 7: Aaron (Palevski) Nathanson
Page 8: Aaron (Palevski) Nathanson
Page 9: Aaron (Palevski) Nathanson
Page 10: Aaron (Palevski) Nathanson
Page 11: Aaron (Palevski) Nathanson
Page 12: Aaron (Palevski) Nathanson
Newspaper Clippings:

New York Times; January 11, 1969; pg. ?


Israel O. Palefski
Union Field Cemetery

Gertrude L. Palefski
Union Field Cemetery


Prominent Jews of Canada; pg. 106-107

Prominent Jews of Canada; pg. 107

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