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Shmuel Lazar

Data obtained from Amy Paller (great-granddaughter of Meyer),
notes from phone interviews with Ed Paller and Orrie Paller,
and both U.S. and Russian vital records.

Descendant tree for Shmuel Lazar:

  • Shmuel Lazar Palevsky (~unknown) m. Fradel Unknown (~18xx-19xx)
  • Meyer Palevsky (~1861-1932) m. Pessel Bayla (Bessie) Zalusky (~1865-1946) - Abt. 1880
  • Fradel (Fanny) Palevsky (~1885-1963) m. Sam Laddin (~1886-1956) - 1908-Mar-15
  • Lawrence Jack Laddin (~1909-1971)
  • Joseph Laddin (~1915-1981)
  • Max N. Paller (Mordche Palevsky) (~1888-1963) m. Rose I. Cornsweet (~1898-1973) - Abt. 1924-Feb-28
  • Frieda Palevsky (~1891-1954) m. Jake Feldman (~1886-1957) - 1910-Dec-11
  • Stanley L. Feldman (~1911-1984) m. Jean Rabinowitz (~1913-1987)
  • Feige (Frances) Palevsky (~1895-19xx) m. Joseph Paller (son of Aaron Palevsky, see below)
  • Anna (Chana) Palevsky (~1899-19xx) m. William Cohen
  • Aron-Khaim (Aaron) Palevsky (~1877-1909) m. Leya-Reyzlya (Lillian/Bobe) (~18xx-1953)
  • Joseph Paller (nee Jossel Palevsky) (~1893-19xx) m. Feige (Frances) Palevsky (daughter of Meyer, see above)
  • David Palevsky (~1895-19xx)
  • Leo (Palevsky) Paller (~1900-1967) m. Rachel (Rae) Lieberman (~1903-1994)

More about Shmuel Lazar's family:

Shmuel Lazar Palevsky was married twice, to Fradel and to ????. He had at least one son from each of these marriages, Meyer and Aaron.

Meyer Palevsky was born around 1861 in Russia and married Pessel Bayla Zalusky around 1880-1885. They had children Fradel, Mordche, Frieda, Feiga and Chana. Meyer departed Hamburg on May 30, 1900 and arrived in New York on June 9, 1900, going to join his brother Aron Palewsky in New York. Around August 1902, he moved to Cleveland. Pessel and the five children departed Bremerhaven aboard the S.S. Gera on January 12, 1905 and arrived at the Port of Baltimore on January 28, 1905. They were going to meet Meyer at 27 Charles Street in Cleveland, Ohio.

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