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Descendant tree for Schepsel:

  • Schepsel Palefsky m. Tzipora (Hattie)
  • Gershon Abram Palevski (~1892-1942) m. Sonia Steinbach (~1897-1961)
  • Shmuel Palevski (1920-1986) m. Rima Ravinski
  • Living Palevski
  • Living Palevski
  • Klara Palevski (1921-) m. Mr. Arane
  • Asia Palevski m. Mr. Strongin
  • David Palevski
  • Esther Palevski
  • Ethel (Ettel) Palefsky (~1893-1983) Albert Udin (~1891-1981) - 10-Jul-1917
  • Sylvia Udin (~1919-xxxx) m. Mr. Rosen
  • Muriel Udin (~1923-1995) m. Murray Blecher (~1911-2000)
  • Leya Palevski
  • Malka Palevski

More about Schepsel's family:

Gershon Abraham Palevski was born in Kobrin around 1892. He married Sonia Steinbach and they had children Shmuel, Klara and Asia in the 1920s. Shmuel became a prominent citizen of Lithuania and an active Zionist. He was arrested by NKVD in Kaunas (Kovno) in 1941 and killed in the Soviet labor camp in 1942. His family was exiled to Siberia in early June 1941.

Shmuel married Rima Ravinski. They had two sons, born in 1951 and 1955. The older son is an architect in New York. The younger son is a professor of physics at Tel Aviv University and is one of the world leading scientists in the field of Solid State Physics. Shmuel died in Netanya, Israel in January 1986.

Ettel Palefsky arrived in New York from Warsaw on December 19, 1912. She was going to her sister G. Palewsky at 112 East 79th Street. Her mother E. Palewsky remained behind in Warsaw. Ethel married Albert Udin on July 10, 1917 in Manhattan. They had two daughters, Sylvia and Muriel. Ethel was naturalized as a U.S. citizen in 1936. In 1938, she travelled back to Warsaw, presumably to visit family. Ethel died in 1983 in Yonkers, NY. Her husband Albert pre-deceased her in 1981.

Muriel Udin was born in 1923. She married Murray Blecher in the 1940s. Muriel and Murray both died in Youngstown, Ohio -- Muriel in 1995 and Murray in 2000.

Records for Schepsel's family:

1920: Albert, Ethel and Sylvia Udin - 125-127 East 109th Street, New York, NY
1930: Albert, Ethel, Sylvia and Muriel Udin - 1691 Nelson Avenue, Bronx, NY
1912-Dec-19 (Page 1, Page 2): Ettel Palewsky
1938-Mar-18: Ethel Udin, returning from a trip to Warsaw
1917-Jun-5: Abert Udin, 306 Spring Street, Bethlehem, PA
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