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Shraga Feivish

Compiled from census, immigration, vital and other public records

Descendant tree for Shraga Feivish:

  • Shraga Feivish Palefsky m. Chana
  • Yaakov Eliezer (Jacob) Palefsky (~1861-1911) m. Chana (Annie) Bender (~1863-19xx) - ~1880
  • Celia (Cipe) Palewsky (~1880-19xx) m. Nachman (Nathan) Springer (~1875-19xx) - 1897
  • Max Louis Springer (1898-1993)
  • Sylvia (Sarah) Springer (1900-) m. Samuel Smith - June-1933
  • Rose Springer (~1902-) m. George Axelrod - 29-May-1934
  • Lena Springer (~1904-)
  • Adele I. Springer (1906-1990)
  • Jacob Springer (1913-1980)

More about Shraga Feivish's family:

Yaakov Eliezer (Jacob) Palefsky was born to Shraga Feivish and Chana around 1861 in Russia. He married Chana (Anna) Bender around 1880 and they had 3 children: Celia and two others who didn't survive to adulthood. Jacob immigrated to America between 1890-1893. Anna and Celia may have travelled from Bremen to New York on the H. H. Meier, arriving on December 19, 1893.

Celia married Nachman Springer on November 13, 1897 in Brooklyn. They had 6 children: Max, Sylvia, Rose, Lena, Adele and Jacob. Jacob, born in 1913, was named for his grandfather who died on October 20, 1911 and is buried in Washington Cemetery in Brooklyn.

Adele was born in 1906 and died in Los Angeles in 1990.

Records for Shraga Feivish's family:

1910: Jacob & Anna Polefsky - 32 McKibben Street, Brooklyn, NY

1900: Nathan, Celia, Max & Sarah Springer, boarder Jacob Rosenblat - 68 Boerum Street, Brooklyn, NY
1910: Nathan, Celia, Max, Sarah, Rosie, Lena & Ida Springer - 42 Johnson Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
1920: Nathan, Celia, Max, Sarah, Rose, Lena, Ida & Jacob Springer - 70 Johnson Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
1930: Nathan, Celia, Max, Sylvia, Rose, Lee, Adele & Jack Springer - 131 Van Buren Street, Brooklyn, NY
1893-Dec-19: Chane & Cipe Palewsky
1935-Aug-8: Max Springer, 131 Van Buren Street, Brooklyn, NY
12-Sep-1918: Max Louis Springer, 70 Johnson Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
12-Sep-1918: Nathan Springer, 70 Johnson Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
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