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Rabbi Moshe Aaron Poliyer of Kobrin

Data extracted from family trees prepared by Dr. Seymour Saltzman, Yaakov Bergshtein,
and supplemented with data from U.S. census, immigration, vital and other records

Highlighted names are direct male descendants of the patriarch and are eligible to participate in the DNA Project.

Descendant tree for Rabbi Moshe Aaron Poliyer of Kobrin:

  • Israel Eleazer Poliyer
  • Rabbi Moshe Aaron Poliyer (~1784-1858) m. Rivke Flier
  • Rivcha Poliyer (~1804-18xx) m. Yisrael Poliyer
  • Unknown (~1825-xxxx) m. Yaakov Azriel Zelig Palevsky
  • [ Please see Yaakov Azriel Zelig tree for details of this branch ]
  • Yisrael Yaacov Poliyer (~1810-xxxx)
  • Mordechai Chaim Poliyer Palefsky (1830-1904) m. Freidl Lifshitz
  • Chaya Rachel Palevsky
  • Ester Bluma Palevsky m. Shaye Bleter
  • Shmuel Yehoshua Palevsky m. Shifra Sokokolsky
  • Feiga Palevsky m. Zisha Horvitz
  • Miriam Palevsky (1862-1910) m. Rabbi Yaakov Yitzhak Chy
  • R' Shmelke Palevsky-Gutman (1884-1941) m. Mirke
  • R' Moshe Noach Palevsky-Itzhaki (1889-1982) m. Geile Reize (Shoshana) Shvartzberg (1904-1980)
  • Living Palevsky-Itzhaki (1924-) m. Living Rivnik
  • Living Palevsky-Itzhaki
  • Living Palevsky-Itzhaki
  • Living Palevsky-Itzhaki
  • Feige Gitl Palevsky (1890-1987) m. Meir Bergshtein
  • Yaakov Bergshtein (1927-?) m. Miriam Shneider
  • Living Bergshtein
  • Tzipora Bergshtein (1930-?) m. Chanoch Yorav
  • Living Yorav
  • Living Yorav
  • Noah Naftali Poliyer Palefsky (~18xx-1889)
  • David Shelomo Palefsky Rabinovitch (~18xx-1918)
  • Moshe Aharon Rabinovitch (~18xx-1942)
  • Chaya (Ida) Rabinovitch (~1887-1920) m. Baruch Josef Zhak (~1887-1949)
  • Israel Nachman Sack (1909-1983)
  • Tzippe Yente (Yetta) Sack (1910-1998) m. Solomon Lenchitz (1909-1985) - 20-Jan-1932
  • Chaim Lenchitz (~1934-) m. Esther
  • Shifra Lenchitz
  • Boruch Joseph Lenchitz
  • Rivka Lenchitz
  • Sholom Lenchitz
  • Yeshaya Lenchitz m. Baila Shapiro
  • Ora Pella Lenchitz m. Pinchos Menachem Adler
  • Tova Lenchitz m. Borach Mordechai Hirsch
  • Bracha Baila Lenchitz m. Israel Aryeh Gradman
  • Nason Lenchitz
  • Rochelle B. Lenchitz (~1938-) m. Meyer Hartstein
  • Chaya Ita Hartstein (1966-) m. Yakov Shore (1964-)
  • Rivka Yehudis Hartstein m. Mordechai Yosef Block
  • Bryna Pesil Hartstein m. Nasan Hirschberg
  • Aron Hartstein m. Basheva Steinberg
  • Shlomo E. Hartstein (1961-) m. Nechama Kushner (1966-)
  • Tzvi Menachem Hartstein (1962-) m. Revital Yeshua
  • Roisa Hartstein m. Yitzchok Davis (1963-)
  • David Shlomo Lenchitz (~1942-) m. Rifka
  • Mirium Sarah Lenchitz
  • Roos Lenchitz
  • Naphtali Hertzel Lenchitz
  • Aaron Lenchitz
  • Rachel Lenchitz
  • Ephraim Lenchitz
  • Naomi Bas Lenchitz m. Shaul Shneur
  • Baroch Joseph Lenchitz
  • Binyomin Moshe Lenchitz (~1971-)
  • Yehudah Lenchitz (~1973-)
  • Tvia Lenchitz m. Ephraim Greenberg
  • Gittel Rivka Greenberg
  • Avraham Greenberg
  • Yisrael Yitzhak Greenberg
  • Shaul Greenberg
  • Sarah Dvora Greenberg
  • Yaacov Lieb Greenberg m. Ilana Tsippora
  • Ben Tzion Greenberg
  • Akiva Yoseph Greenberg
  • Sarah (Sally) M. Sack (1911-2003) m. Benjamin H. Klonsky (1911-1994)
  • Eileen Klonsky (1933-) m. Melvin H. Singer (1933-)
  • Deborah Klonsky (1937-) m. Leonard Lev (1935-)
  • Elliott J. Klonsky (1949-) m. Melinda F. (1950-)
  • Arielle A. Klonsky (1951-) m. Donald I. Lautman (1952-)
  • Noah Naftali Rabinovitch
  • Feige Rabinovitch m. Mr. Goldman
  • Aaron Levi Palefsky Rabinovitch
  • Unknown Rabinovitch
  • Unknown Rabinovitch
  • Tzippe Yente Poliyer m. Yehuda Leib Levine
  • Mordechai Poliyer
  • Miriam Poliyer m. Chaim Levine
  • Yehuda Leib Levine m. Tzippe Yente Poliyer
  • female Poliyer m. Mr. Tzeilengold
  • Reuven Tzeilengold m. Miss Ostrover
  • Chasia Poliyer

More about Rabbi Moshe Aaron Poliyer of Kobrin's family:

Rabbi Moshe Pallier of Kobrin [1784 - 29 Nisan 1858] was a close follower of the Rebbe, R. Mordechai of Lechovitch and afterwards of his son, R. Noach. In 1833 he became the first Rebbe of the Kobrin dynasty, with thousands of chassidim, many of whom subsequently moved to Eretz Yisroel. His teachings are collected in Imros Taharos. 1

He was a dedicated follower of Rabbi Mordechai the Holy Elder of Lyakhovichi and later of Mordechai's son Rabbi Noah. It was not until 1833 that he accepted the role of Amdur of Kobrin, prior to that he spent most of his time in Lyakhovichi. The book he wrote is said to be the first writings of the teachings of Rabbis Mordechai and Noah of Lechovitz. He is considered the founder of the Slonim Dynasty which was led first by his pupil Abraham of Slonim and then by Moshe's grandson Noah-Naftali of Kobrin. Appears in Otzar haRabbanim as #OR15005 and is cross-referenced to his son's listing Israel Jacob Paler #OR12225. In a story in his yahrtzeit is cited as 1851, not 1858. His last name is given variously as PALER, FALER, PELIER, PELLIER. Some of his descendants are said to have used PALEVSKY which was a surname in Lyakhovichi until the twentieth century.2

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