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Itsko Paler

Compiled from census, immigration, vital and other public records

Descendant tree for Itsko Paler:

  • Itsko Paler m. Rejzla
  • Jankel (Jacob) Paler (~1884-1969) m. Ruchla (Rose) Zubatsky (~1887-1962)
  • Szejna (Jean) Paler (~1914-) m. Paul Leeb (1906-1970) - 1947-Nov-27
  • Living (m) Leeb m. Living Keil
  • Living (f) Leeb m. Living Peck
  • Isaak (Eli L.) Paler (1915-1997) m. Bernice Berg (1922-1997) - 1946-Feb-3
  • Living Paler (1947-) m. Living Allen (1949-)
  • Living Paler (1952-) m. Living Ottenstein (1954-) - 1974-Aug-4
  • Rueven Chaim (Rube) Paler (~1918-) m. Esther A. Berg (~1924-) - 1947-Dec-21
  • Living Paler m. Living Brazner - 1973-Aug-26
  • Living Paler m. Living Troy - 1976-Aug-8
  • Aron Paler
  • Living Paler
  • Living Paler m. Mr. Beutel

More about Itsko Paler's family:

Jankiel Paler, wife Ruchla and children Szejna, Isaak & "Chana" (Rueven Chaim) immigrated from Kobrin to Milwaukee Wisconsin in 1921. They were going to join Ruchla's brother Max Zubatsky and his family. Ruchla's mother Sura Zubacka immigrated with them, and Jankiel's mother Rejzla Paler remained in Kobrin.

Records we have:

1921-Apr-17 (Page 1, Page 2, SI): Jankiel, Ruchla, Szejna, Isaak & "Chana" Paler; Sura Zubacka
1926-Dec-04 (Page 1, Page 2): Aron Paler
1930: Jacob, Rose, Jean, Ely & Ruben Paler - 834 12th Street, Milwaukee, WI

Records we need:

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