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Mendel & Fradlya

Compiled from census, immigration, vital and other public records.
Highlighted names are direct male descendants of the family patriarch.
Living men who are direct male descendants are eligible and encouraged to participate in the DNA Project.

Descendant tree for Mendel & Fradlya:

  • Mendel Palevsky m. Fradlya (bat Srul-Gershkovna)
  • Avrum Palevsky (1905-1950) m. Bella Aronson Epstein (19xx-?)
  • Ditza (Frida) Palevsky (19xx-) m. Reuven Gil (nee Fradovitz)
  • Drorit Gil m. Shlomo Cohen
  • Dafna Gil m. Udi (Woody) Halevi
  • Avi Gil Palevsky
  • Pazit Gil m. Ronen Mor
  • Meir Palevsky (19xx-) m. Neta
  • ? Palevsky
  • ? Palevsky
  • ? Palevsky
  • ? Palevsky
  • Mordkhe Palevsky (1905-194x) - killed in the Holocaust m. ?
  • Enush Palevsky (19xx-194x) - killed in the Holocaust

More about Mendel & Fradlya's family:

Mendel and Fradlya bat Srul-Gershkovna had 3 sons: twins Avrum and Mordkhe born on January 20, 1905, and Enush born (unknown). Avrum and his wife Bella Aronson Epstein made Aliya to Israel in 1935. Mordkhe, his wife and Enush were killed in Warsaw during the Shoah.

Records for Mendel & Fradlya's family:

Vital Records:
1905-Jan-20: Birth of twins Avrum and Mordkhe

Records not yet located:

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