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Menachem Dov(id)

Compiled from immigration, vital and census records

Descendant tree for Menachem Dov(id):

  • Menachem Dov(id) Palevsky m. Mushe (Mildred) Hilman
  • Pincus (Philip) Palevsky (~1886-1964) m. Nessie (~1886-?) - Abt. 1904 in England
  • Abraham Palevsky (~1886-1957) m. Ida Singer (~18xx-1952)
  • Evelyn Palevsky (~1913-2001) m. Harry Shefter (~19xx-)
  • Jerry Palevsky (twin)(~1915-1999) m. (~19xx-)
  • Milton Palevsky (twin)(~1915-19xx) m. (~19xx-19xx)
  • Yisrael Shlomo (Israel) Tenenbaum (nee Palevsky) m. Chaya Freida Gwitzman
  • Nechie Tenenbaum (19xx-1943)
  • Zander Tenenbaum (19xx-1943)
  • Yankel Tenenbaum (19xx-1943)
  • Eliyahu Palevsky (19xx-1947) m.
  • Chana Palevsky m. Philip Chomsky

More about Menachem Dov(id)'s family:

Philip and Nessa Palevsky sailed from the port of Southampton on October 15, 1904 aboard the S.S. St. Paul, arriving at the port of New York on October 23, 1904. They were both 22 years old, married, and were living in London prior to departing for New York. Philip was a tailor and arrived with $45 in hand. Their destination in New York was to a cousin Schuman? M. Brodsky at 612 East 11th Street in Manhattan. They are also listed on a passenger manifest for the S.S. New York, which departed Southampton on November, 5 1904 and arrived in New York on November 13, 1904, but they are crossed off. So it appears that their original intention was to travel to America in November, but then they obtained tickets for an earlier voyage.

In 1905, Philip and Nessie are listed in the New York State census, at 223 East 103rd Street in Manhattan.

In 1908, Philip is seen in the city directory for New York City. He was a salesman and was living at 16 East 103rd Street in Manhattan.

In 1910, Philip and "Nellie" "Palewsky" are found in the federal census, still living at 16 East 103rd Street in Manhattan. The census indicates that they had been married for 6 years, so it appears they were married in late 1903 or early 1904, possibly in London. Living with them were a ward, Louis, born in New York around 1906; and Nessa's mother, Sarah Yesanofsky, age 60 and widowed. The census also indicates that Philip immigrated in 1904 and had filed his naturalization papers, while Nessie and her mother appear to have initially immigrated in 1892. How and when did Nessie end up in London and later returned to America with her new husband?

In 1912, Philip was naturalized. His naturalization papers state that he was born in Kobrin on July 8, 1881.

In 1917, Philip registered for the WWI Draft.

Applied for Social Security after 1937.

Nessie died September 4, 1959. Philip died suddenly on June 18, 1964 and is buried in Mt. Judah. Death notices for both were posted to the New York Times by the Brooklyn Jewish Center, where they were members.

Abraham was born on October 5, 1885 (according to his WWI draft registration) or November 1, 1888 (according to his alien registration papers) in Kobrin. He arrived in the United States on December 13, 1906 on the S.S. Samland and was destined for his brother, P. Palewski, at 60 E 102nd Street. He married Ida Singer on December 7, 1912 to Ida Singer on Avenue C. His marriage certificate lists his parents as Nathan Polevsky & Mildred Helman. He was 26 years old, a tailor, and was living at 24 Attorney Street at the time of his marriage, and the witnesses to his marriage were Philip Palevsky & Jacob Turetzky. When Abraham registered for the WWI Draft, he was living at 3-5-7 East 37th Street in Manhattan and was a hatmaker. He stopped working in 1934 due to a bad knee. Abraham filed alien registration papers in 1937. He was living on Morris Avenue in the Bronx when he became a naturalized United States citizen in 1945.

Yisrael Shlomo (Israel) changed his surname to Tenenbaum to avoid conscription into the Polish military. He died in Kobrin, while his children were young. His wife and children remained in Kobrin through WWII. His wife, two daughters and a son survived the war and eventually moved to the United States. Several other children perished in the Holocaust.

Records for Menachem Dov(id)'s family:


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Philip & Nessy Palevsky
Mt. Judah Cemetery
Kobriner UV

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