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Jaime & Ana

Highlighted names are direct male descendants of the Palevsky patriarch in this family. Living direct male descendants are eligible to participate in the DNA Project to help us determine which Palevsky families are related to each other. We're looking for one male from each family tree to participate in this project.

Nombres destacados son directos descendientes masculinos del patriarca Palevsky en esta familia. Vivir directa descendientes varones son elegibles para participar en el Proyecto de ADN para ayudar a determinar qué familias Palevsky están relacionados unos con otros. Estamos buscando a un hombre de cada árbol de la familia a participar en este proyecto.

Descendant tree for Jaime & Ana:

  • Jaime Palevsky (~19xx-1946) m. Ana Horen (~19xx-19xx)
  • E. (m) Palevsky (~1928-Present) m. M. (f) ... (19xx-Present)
  • V. (f) Palevsky (1964-Present) m. R. (m) Lopez (19xx-Present)
  • N. (f) Lopez (1982-Present) m. L. ... (19xx-Present) - Oct-2009

More about Jaime & Ana's family:

Jaime Palevsky and his wife Ana Horen lived in Argentina. They had a son, who had a daughter, and this family still lives in Argentina today. We hope to discover a connection between this family and other Palevsky families around the world.

Futher details will be added as they become available.

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