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Data collected from Ken Paller (great-grandson of Hershel)
as well as various census and vital records

Descendant tree for Herschel:

  • Hershel Palefsky (~18xx-1914) m. Esther Kaplan (~18xx-1914)
  • Louis Paller (twin) (~1871-19xx) m. Pauline Levinson (~1880-19xx)
  • Sara S. Paller (1901-1947) m. Nate Lee (~19xx-19xx)
  • Anita J. Paller (1903-1992) m. Art Bennett (~19xx-1996)
  • Moshe Isaac Palevsky (twin) (~18xx-1938) m. Doba Fruma (~18xx-19xx)
  • Dr. Max Palevsky (~19xx-1941) m. Irene (~19xx-1941)
  • Milka Palevsky (~19xx-1983) m. Abraham Sokolik (~19xx-19xx)
  • Abram Paller (nee Palevsky) (~1877-1959) m. Rokhlya-Leya (Rose) Speschinsky (~1879-1943) - 1904-Feb-9
  • Lillian Paller (~1906-1986) m. Earl Butler
  • Jack D. Paller (~1914-1983) m. Living
  • Mircha Palefsky (~1873-1936) m. Meyer Wigatov
  • Gittel Palefsky (~18xx-19xx) m. Morris Edelman
  • Ruth Edelman (~19xx-1982) m. Bob
  • Bennie Edelman (~1901-1976) m. Regina
  • Jacob Paller (18xx-19xx) m. Unknown
  • Mordche (Max) Paller (nee Palevsky) (~1888-1965) m. Minnie Sachs
  • Leonard Paller (~1923-1989) m. Marilyn
  • Living Paller (1928-) m. Maynard Center
  • Feige (Fanny) Palevsky (~1891-1974) m. Harry Butler

More about Herschel's family:

Hershel & Esther Palefsky

Present-day members of this family use the surname Paller. Oral history passed down through the generations says that the surname was originally Paller, changed to Palefsky and changed back to Paller. The family may be descended from Rabbi Moshe Poliyer (~1784-1858), the first Rebbe of the Kobrin dynasty. However, not enough information about Hershel's ancestry is currently known, so this connection has not been proven yet.

Hershel and Esther married in the 1870s. They emigrated from Kobrin to Palestine in 1909, but died in 1914 in Tel Aviv, only a few short years later. It is believed that they are buried in Petah Tikvah, but despite extensive searching, their graves have not been located yet.

Hershel & Esther's son Abram married Rokhlya-Leya (Rose) Shpishinsky on February 9, 1904 in Bialystok. Their oldest daughter, Lifche (Lillian), was born on May 9, 1906 in Kobrin. Original records of these two events were found in the Brest metric books in the Minsk branch of the National Historical Archives of Belarus. An extract of these records can be seen on the Brest Vital Records page of this website. Rokhlya-Leya & Lifche arrived in the United States on June 1, 1911 at Galveston, Texas, along with two of Abram's siblings, Mordche and Feige. Abram & Rose then had a son Jack, born in San Francisco in 1914.

Documents for Herschel's family:

Vital Records:
1904-Feb-9: Abram Paller & Rokhlya-Leya Speschinsky marriage record
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