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Compiled from census, vital and other public records,
as well as information from family members

Descendant tree for Gershon:

  • Gershon Palevsky (~1811-1914) m. WIFE
  • Shraga Feivel Palevsky (~1860-1939) m. Chane Rabinowitz (~DATE) - DATE
  • Moses Palevsky (~1894-1977) m. Ida Baxt (~1886-1980) - 1924
  • Living Palevsky (1926-) m. Living Moore (1928-)
  • Living Palevsky (1951-)
  • Living Palevsky (1953-)
  • Living Palevsky (1957-)
  • Max/Marcus Palevsky (~DATE) m. Nadya (~DATE) - DATE
  • Yaakov Palevsky (~1920-194x) m. Unknown (~DATE) - DATE
  • Unknown Palevsky (~1xxx-194x) m. Unknown (~DATE) - DATE
  • Unknown Palevsky (~1xxx-194x) m. Unknown (~DATE) - DATE
  • Rochelle Palevsky (~18xx-19xx) m. Mr. Pinchuk (~18xx-19xx) - DATE
  • Yasha Pinchuk (~19xx-) m. Unknown (~18xx-19xx)
  • Aaron (Arnold) Palevsky (1900-1938) m. Natasha Sirenko (1903-1982) - DATE
  • Lenky (Vilen) Palevsky (1925-1969) m. Lude (19xx)
  • Pavel Palevsky (1961-)
  • Eric Palevsky (1927-) m. Anna Isaeva (1926-2009)
  • Alexander Palevsky (1955-) m. Marina Shevhenko (1956-)
  • Evgenia (Jane) Palevsky (1984-)
  • Vadim Palevsky (1961-) m. Tania Karpuxina (1961-)
  • Clara (Larisa) Palevsky (1937-1992)

More about Gershon's family:

Gershon Palevsky died around 1914-1915 at the age of 103. He had one son that we're currently aware of, Shraga Feivel. Shraga Feivel married Chane Rabinowitz and they had at least four children: Moses, Marcus/Max, Rochelle and Aaron/Arnold. Shraga Feivel died in Kobrin in 1939.

Moses Palevsky was born in October 1894 in Kobrin. In 1912, he became a student at the Polytechnic Institute in Kiev. By the time WWI broke out, Moses was home, but most of the rest of his family were in Ekaterinoslav (Dnieperpetroskov) -- except Shraga Feivish who had been too frail to travel. The family was reunited in 1919 in Kobrin. Moses married Ida Baxt in 1924 and they settled in Brest. Ida had previously been in America and returned there in 1926 so that her oldest son would be born an American citizen. Moses immigrated to New York in February 1926, in time for his son's Pidyan Haben. Moses died in March 1977 in Brooklyn, NY.

Marcus Palevsky married Nadya and had 3 children in Kobrin. He was a graduate engineer, but was also involved with a publication -- a staunchly Zionist organization. He and Moses had lengthy political correspondence in the 1930s. Marcus' entire family was killed in a mass grave in Kobrin during the Holocaust.

Rochelle married Mr. Pinchuk and had one son, Yasha. Rochelle died in the early 1920s. Yasha survived the war and died in Siberia in the 1980s.

Aaron/Arnold, the youngest, was a well-known doctor. He was killed in a Moscow prison in 1938 during the doctor purges of the Stalin era. He had a wife, Natasha, and at least three children: Lenky (an engineer), Clara and Eric. Eric had a son Alex, who now lives in Moscow. From Memorial: "Palevskij Arnol'd Pavlovich. 1900 r., urozh. d. Kobrin Grodnenskoj of area Belarus SSR, Jew, doctor. 19.06.38 is subjected to repression, shot."

Records for Gershon's family:

10-Nov-1925: Ida Baxt-Palewski, S.S. Leviathan, Cherbourg to New York
24-Feb-1926 (Page 1, Page 2): Mojzesz Palewski, S.S. Olympic, Southampton to New York
1930: Ida and son Gershon Palevsky
1940: Moses, Ida, Gerald Palevsky
24-Apr-1942 (Front, Back): Moses Palevsky WWII Draft Registration
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