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Eliyahu Zalman

Descendant tree for Eliyahu Zalman:

  • Eliyahu Zalman Palefsky (~1805-1850) m. Unknown
  • Yaakov Hersh Palefsky (~1830-xxxx) m. Unknown
  • Eliyahu Zalman Palefsky (~1855-1914) m. Itka (Ida) Daitch (~1855-1920) - c.1875
  • Rassel (Rose) Palefsky (~1878-1940) m. Eliyahu (Alexander) Grushevsky (~1870-1933) - c.1896
  • Chaya Doba (Ada) Grushevsky (~1897-1955) m. Moshe (Moe) Katz (~1892-1953) - 13-Feb-1921
  • Aron (Harry) Gish (~1898-1961) m. Fay Hyman (~1904-1978) - 28-Jun-1924
  • Katie Grushevsky (1908-1908)
  • Lena Grushevsky (1908-1908)
  • Moshe Zelig (Morris) Gish (1909-1972) m. Living Sider (1916- ) - 11-Jun-1938
  • Beila (Beatrice) Grushevsky (1912-1979) m. Daniel Schulman (1908-1988) - 24-Dec-1959
  • Chaya Mirel Palefsky (~1880-1920) m. Avraham Zekhariah Kagan (~1873-1932) - c.1895
  • Morris Herman Cohen (~1894-1979) m. Frances Wacholder (~1895-1980)
  • Felix Cohen (~1900-1975) m. Tessie Stein (~1909-1999)
  • Louise Cohen (~1909-????) m. Philip Wilensky (~19xx-19xx)
  • Clara Cohen (~1911-????) m. Harry G. Mazor (~19xx-????)
  • Elka Kagan (~1913-????)
  • Theodore Cohen (~1915-????) m. Marie Labovitz (19xx-????)
  • Aaron Cohen (~????-????) m. Gertrude Schwartz (~????-????)
  • Eliezer Mendel (Lazar) Palefsky (~1880-1920) m. Leah Kolodny (~188x-1942)
  • Fanya Palevsky (~1907-????)
  • Nechemia Peles (1909-1987)
  • Clara Peles
  • Elka Peles
  • Nechuma Fishel Peles
  • Kalia/Keile Palevsky (~1893-1942) m. Moshe (or Shmuel?) Leib Aizenstein (~18xx-1942)
  • Jana Aisenstein m. Isaac-Iche Daitch
  • Aida Daitch m. Ruben Herrera
  • Abraham Moises Daitch m. Anita Victoria Speisky
  • Natalio Aaron Daitch m. Marta Idel Nagelkop
  • Samuel Jaime Daitch m. Miriam Yaacov
  • Feige Aisenstein
  • Esther Palevsky (~1896-1987) m. Joseph Goldforb (~1892-1941) - 20-Jul-1921
  • Rifka Palefsky (~xxxx-xxxx)
  • Sima Reizel Palefsky (~xxxx-xxxx)
  • Khiena Palefsky (~xxxx-xxxx)

More about Eliyahu Zalman's family:

Gravestone of Itka Daitch Palevsky
Near Kobrin, exact location unknown

The elder Eliyahu Zalman is estimated to have been prior to 1805 and died prior to 1855. He had at least one son that we're currently aware of, Yaakov Hersh. Yaakov Hersh is estimated to have been born prior to 1830. He had at least 4 children: Eliyahu Zalman, Rifka, Sima Reizel and Khiena. At this time, we only have information about the younger Eliyahu Zalman's family.

Eliyahu Zalman was born 1855 or earlier. He married Itka Daitch, son of Aaron, around 1875 or earlier. They had at least 5 children: Rassel, Chaya Mirel, Eliezer Mendel, Esther and Kalia. Eliyahu Zalman died in 1920 and Itka died in 1914. They both died in Israel and are believe to be buried in Petah Tikvah, but their graves have not been found yet.

Rassel was born around 1878. She married Eliyahu Grushevsky, son of Moshe Zelig, around 1896. They had 6 children: Ada, Harry, Katie, Lena, Morris & Beatrice. Katie and Lena were twins who died at 1 month old.

More to come....

Documents for Eliyahu Zalman's family:

1900-May 30: Elle Gruschewsky (line 21 - crossed out, trip postponed)
1900-Jun-08: Elle Gruschefsky (line 18)
1906-Jun-12 (Detained): Raschel, Chaie & Aron Gruschewski (lines 2-4)
1921-Jan-29 (Page 2, SI): Seja, Kejla, Elka & Tewel Kagan; Estera Palewska
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