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Descendant tree for Aaron:

  • Aaron Palevsky
  • Solomon Leib (Szloma Leib) Palevsky (~1904-1999) m. Manya Herlich (~1904-1988)
  • Jack (Jankel) Palevsky (~1925-2001) m. Unknown -
  • Raysiel (Rezla) Palevsky (~1927-) m. Kenny Machlovitch
  • Living Palevsky
  • Idel Palevsky (~1909-xxxx)
  • Chaja Palevsky (~1911-xxxx)

More about Aaron's family:

Aaron Palevsky lived in Kolki and had at least 3 children: Szloma Leib, Idel and Chaja.

Szloma Leib married Manya Herlich in the early 1920s and they had children Jankel and Rezla. On 31-Mar-1927, Szloma Leib and family boarded the S.S. Roussillion in Bordeaux and arrived in Halifax, Canada on 11-Apr-1927. They were going to Manya's father, Samuel Herlich, at 41 Duluth Street, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Szloma Leib and Manya had a third son, Bernard, in Montreal.

Idel boarded the S.S. Regina in Liverpool, England on 4-Feb-1928 and arrived in Halifax, Canada on 13-Feb-1928. She was going to her brother Szlima at 4014 De-Boullion Street, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Chaja boarded the S.S. United States in Copenhagen, Denmark on 24-Apr-1929 and arrived in Halifax, Canada on 4-May-1929. She was going to her "sister" Leib Palewski at 4029 Bouillon Street. Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Jack Palevsky, BEng'49, at Montreal, on February 12, 2001

Records we have:

1927-Apr-11 (Link Coming Soon): Szloma Leib, Manya, Jankel & Rezla
1928-Feb-13 (Link Coming Soon): Idel
1929-May-4 (Link Coming Soon): Chaja

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